The primary sensor on the Sentinel-1 satellite is a C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar.

Clew Bay


The Multispectral Instrument on the Sentinel-2 satellite was designed for land monitoring applications.



The Sentinel-3 satellite hosts a suite of sensors designed to study our oceans.

Sentinel 5p Nitrogen Dioxide over Europe


The TROPOMI instrument on board the Sentinel 5P satellite measures atmospheric trace gases, aerosols and cloud parameters.

The aim of the SPÉIR is to collate and archive Sentinel and third party mission satellite data relevant to Ireland. Free and open access will be provided to these archives for all users, with premium services available for commercial users.

As well as providing data, we aim to provide expertise and processing services so that information and services can be easily generated from the data archives. These services will include a datacube of level 2 satellite imagery as well as data discovery, browse and download services. We can provide high performance computing facilities to users who have heavy processing needs, as well as remote processing capabilities to cut down on the time and resources required to transfer large datasets.

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